SCRG Matures to NET (Networking-Education-Technology)

NET events launch in March – details to be announced shortly!

The HPA’s Sales & Career Resource Group, which was formed in 2007, has grown into NET (Networking-Education-Technology), formally launching next month with a fresh mandate for more networking, education and knowledge sharing on business and emerging technologies. Known for presenting lively networking events where HPA members shared ideas and stayed informed, SCRG evolved as the dramatic changes in our industry grew the demand for knowledge and the need for connection, particularly among the non-technical crowd.

“This gathering is an engaged, upbeat, exciting place to discuss what’s new, understand it, and get our heads around how it impacts what we are working on.  SCRG was a perfect launch pad for what NET is becoming – a place where the usual suspects and new faces gather to talk about what keeps them intrigued.  It’s a more than worthwhile way to spend your lunch hour,” says Josh Wiggins, NET chair. “Our initial event last year attracted nearly 100 people, and we’ve been deluged with requests for the next NET lunch.  If you are interested in being part of the event, please contact Alicia Rock.  We look forward to seeing you in March!”

With new speakers and a wide array of topics, NET events promise to be engaged and engaging. Details for the upcoming NET event slated for late March will be announced at the HPA Tech Retreat in Palm Springs.

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