Signiant Expands its SDCX SaaS Platform to Dramatically Simplify Fast, Secure Intercompany Content Exchange


LEXINGTON, MA – August 13, 2019 – At IBC2019, on booth 14.B23, Signiant Inc, a long-time leader in intelligent file transfer, will introduce new capabilities to its SDCX (Software-Defined Content Exchange) SaaS platform to simplify secure content exchange between companies. These capabilities will first appear in the company’s newest product, Signiant JetTM, which makes it easy to automate and accelerate the transfer of large files between geographically dispersed locations.

Targeted at “lights-out” use cases, Jet meets the growing need to replace scripted FTP and legacy transfer tools with a faster, more reliable and more secure alternative. Jet was first introduced at the 2019 NAB Show, winning a Best of Show award for bringing advanced automation and acceleration to companies of all sizes. Jet is built on Signiant’s innovative SDCX SaaS platform, which also underpins the company’s widely-deployed Media Shuttle solution that is now used by more than 500,000 professionals to send and share large files around the world. With its vast global footprint across media companies of all sizes, the platform is already connected to thousands of on-premises and cloud storage endpoints.

At IBC2019, Jet will include the new content exchange capabilities, offering a secure cloud handshake mechanism that simplifies intercompany transfers. The new functionality enables Jet customers to make storage endpoints private, discoverable or discoverable only to select partners in their supply chain. Via a simple, secure web interface, companies can request a connection with a partner. Once both sides accept, specific jobs can be configured and mutually approved to allow for secure, automated transfers between the companies. Jet’s simple, predictable pricing model makes it accessible to companies of all sizes and enables easy cost sharing for intercompany content exchange.

“Signiant has long been the trusted broker for content exchange between many of  the world’s top media companies,“ said Rick Clarkson, Chief Strategy Officer at Signiant.  “With this new capability, companies of all sizes will be able to cross-connect and exchange content in an easy, automated fashion. Best of all, because of Signiant’s massive footprint, we’ve essentially prepopulated the supply chain for our customers, so they can much more easily set up transfer jobs with all their partners, regardless of size. That’s the true power of our SaaS platform – it brings advanced, enterprise capabilities, but right-sized and priced for any size company.”

Signiant’s core technology and product portfolio

All Signiant products utilize a proprietary transport protocol that optimizes network performance for fast, reliable movement of large files under any network condition. Coupled with enterprise-grade security and features tuned for media professionals, Signiant products are designed to enable the global flow of content, within and between companies, in a hybrid cloud world. The Signiant portfolio comprises the following offerings:

  • Manager+Agents – Advanced enterprise software for complex networks and workflows
  • Jet – SaaS solution for simple system-to-system automated file transfer
  • Media Shuttle – SaaS solution that enables people to send and share large files
  • Flight – SaaS solution for transfers to and from AWS and/or Azure public cloud services

Media companies can deploy a single Signiant product to solve a specific problem, or combine them for a comprehensive approach to managing access to content that is located in various storage types around the world. Signiant products interoperate with each other, as well as with third-party products in the media technology ecosystem.




To learn more about Signiant’s offering and to book an appointment with Signiant at IBC2019 on booth 14.B23, please contact: 

EMEA: Louise Wells, T: +44 (0) 7718 985252 louisew@bubbleagency.com
USA/LATAM/APAC: Denise Williams, T: +1.503.806.0755 denisew@bubbleagency.com

About Signiant:
Signiant’s enterprise software provides the world’s top content creators and distributors with fast, reliable, secure access to large media files, regardless of physical storage type or location. By enabling authorized people and processes to seamlessly exchange valuable content – within and between enterprises – Signiant connects the global media supply chain.

For more information, please visit http://www.signiant.com.

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