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Telestream Releases OptiQ Monitor

Telestream®, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement solutions for the production and distribution of video, has announced that its new OptiQ Monitor, a cloud-based monitoring-as-a-service, is now available. OptiQ Monitor enables real-time deployment of live ABR quality monitoring at scale in over 70 global geographic regions and is designed to give broad visibility into the health and performance of live OTT channels delivered through CDN partners.

To successfully deliver a fully monetized, rights protected, high quality event or channel requires more than just a world-class encoder or packager. It starts with a good knowledge of what the broadcaster is delivering through extensive video monitoring and analytics. OptiQ Monitor is for users such as content owners, broadcasters, event operators, and sports leagues that have already put in place the infrastructure required to support their live streaming channels but have no monitoring infrastructure, especially post-CDN.

“We introduced OptiQ Monitor service to the international broadcast industry during the 2019 IBC Show in Amsterdam and it generated strong interest from show attendees. We’re thrilled to say it’s now available,” said Kenneth Haren, OptiQ Product Manager at Telestream. “OptiQ Monitor is a cloud service that radically changes the approach for on-demand monitoring & analytics, delivering real time performance and quality insights of OTT channel quality. For the first time, customers can spin up a multi-cloud hosted service in an automated and orchestrated fashion.”

OptiQ Monitor is a multi-cloud monitoring service that Telestream Cloud customers can immediately leverage to manage provisioning, configuration and data collection of our industry leading monitoring products deployed across the globe. When a user hits ‘go’ the OptiQ Monitor service automatically spins up to perform robust monitoring of a customer’s live streaming channels. OptiQ Monitor enables users to integrate a superior level of video monitoring without needing to modify anything in their existing delivery chain.

OptiQ Monitor allows customers to be able to measure the real-time performance of their OTT channels at the CDN edge for every variant concurrently across disparate regions. A powerful new service, OptiQ Monitor provides critical insights into the customer quality of experience, and when there are challenges, actionable analytics ensure that audience impacts are minimized. The service features a REST API for automation and integration, unlocking on-demand access to network performance and analysis data that can be combined with other performance metrics in a comprehensive view.

It is critical that Telestream customers have deep insights into the performance of their OTT channels and the OptiQ Monitor service delivers that on-demand, multi-cloud, across the globe.

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