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The HPA Awards: A Glittering Night Honoring Our Own

By Christine Purse, Chair, HPA Awards Committee

The 12th annual HPA Awards took place last week, an event that pulled the community together and raised a toast to our friends and colleagues. Sold out once again, this year’s HPA Awards were the biggest to date in every metric: submissions, ticket sales, volunteers, ads, and sponsorship. We are dedicated to making sure that the stature of the awards continues to grow because the contributions made by those who enter are worthy of every honor possible. You make the vision a reality; it’s your work that makes this industry compelling.

As one of the original members of the HPA Awards Committee, it’s a great feeling to see the awards embraced for what they are:  a night where we raise a glass to those brilliant, talented people and companies behind the work that was submitted and honored.  Sound teams, engineers, colorists, visual effects artists, editors, visionaries, and even astronauts got a moment in the sun this year, thanks to the work of the amazing community that is HPA.

It’s been mentioned before, but it’s important to note that our entries have grown at an incredible rate.  Hundreds of top-notch programs, movies and spots were submitted, easily passing every previous benchmark.  While that made the vetting and judging process very strenuous, it brought a level of excellence to the show that continues to grow.

Take a look at the nominees and winners.

There are many people and companies who make a sold-out event happen, but there is also a lot of love required.  Love of the community, love of the work, love of talent and ingenuity. That is what the HPA is really all about. To say that this is one of the greatest communities in the world to work in is no exaggeration. The HPA community is a constant inspiration.

We hope that you liked the design upgrade to the show on our 12th year at the Skirball.  Stay tuned for changes to the show in the coming year.  We want it to be even bigger and better!

My personal thanks to this committee that has been together for so long. It’s a true honor to work with you all:  Dayna McCallum, Linda Rosner, Carolyn Giardina, Mark Chiolis, Bob Coleman, Leon Silverman, Seth Hallen, Anthony Magliocca, Ken Fuller, Joachim Zell. Thanks also to the real power behind the event, the incredible HPA team:  Alicia Rock, Mimi Rossi, and Max Ma––as well as to our SMPTE colleague, the invaluable Sally D’Amato.  To our talented producers at Homerun Entertainment, Barry Gribbon and Lynn Jordan, we love being on this journey with you, you’re the best.

Special thanks to Seth Hallen for your leadership and invaluable perspective, and Barbara Lange for being an amazing and trusted guide light.

Thank you to all who attended, supported, entered, volunteered, presented, sponsored, or won.  See you next November!

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