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Trinity Broadcasting Network Upgrades Clustered Storage with creative.space

When the Trinity Broadcasting Networks (TBN), the world’s largest Christian television broadcast group with 32 international networks reaching every major continent, needed to upgrade its current storage infrastructure, they turned to DigitalGlue’s creative.space platform. creative.space offers enterprise-level collaborative storage purpose-built for creatives at an affordable monthly rate that includes intuitive software and proactive support. TBN required a solution that accommodated both their archiving and production capacity needs while improving efficiency and reducing overall costs. They were eager to make the switch when presented with an all-inclusive 3-year contract quote that would end up costing them less than their existing legacy storage supplier’s SLA renewal would alone.

DigitalGlue’s creative.space platform provided the perfect solution, a //DEUS EX with two //EXPANSION chassis, delivering 1.2 PB of RAW capacity and industry-leading performance at a fraction of the cost of clustered solutions by removing the need for redundant hardware. Larry Haley, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, stated, “Seeing the well-designed management UI is enough to make you say yes, but then when you find out that you get the hardware and support for about the same cost as some companies’ SLAs only, the choice is a no brainer.”

The DigitalGlue in-house development team took a multi-tiered approach when customizing TBN’s storage setup. Since they required separate configurations for archiving and production, the DigitalGlue team split the 72 drives into two different pools with 48 configured for archiving and 24 for editing. Within each Pool, System Administrators can set up Spaces and assign permissions, custom folder structures, and capacity limits to those Spaces so users only have visibility into what they need in order to do their job efficiently.

Before creative.space, Trinity Broadcasting had issues with users filling up the system, causing performance to slow down. This made it difficult for them to maintain normal operations and redistribute their data. To eliminate this issue, DigitalGlue created a dedicated Space with a reservation set for 20% of the overall capacity. This ensures that performance will never suffer unexpectedly and can be changed at any time if more space is needed. When a redistribution of data is required, the customer can do so with the full performance of the system.

The DigitalGlue team worked alongside TBN every step of the way to deliver a highly customized enterprise storage solution utilizing the latest hardware and software technology. The creative.space Desktop App makes it easy to access Spaces across multiple storage nodes. Rather than expand capacity as a cluster, the network can add additional nodes that are purpose-built for specific workflows. With creative.space’s flexible contracts, adapting to changing needs is as simple as adjusting the monthly or annual rate.

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