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Working as a Team in the Entertainment Industry

By Lina Sanchez, YEP

Our industry is by nature a collaborative one, and yet we’ve all experienced the tension between the need to collaborate and the ego and ambition living within each of us. Over the past few years, I have made a few observations that  might be helpful for those interested in promoting positive change in their work environment and enhancing team effectiveness. Apply it as you will to the set, the production office, the rental house or the edit bay.

Be Yourself

There is little more exciting in the professional sense than encountering an authentic person in your work place. While communication regarding work in progress is essential, an important and interesting part of the work day is also the human connection – to find people connect with, and those who might teach you new things that you may not have known before. This feeds our need to be social creatures purely in a personal sense, and it is extremely helpful to feel more engaged at work and allows us to work better collaboratively.

One of the most important steps you can take in your personal and professional development is to understand who you are. Knowing your virtues, abilities, and strengths as they relate to the things you undertake is an invaluable asset.

Extra Mile

Many times, we limit ourselves only to doing what is asked of us. However, what can really leave an impact are the small ways we find to help others, even if it’s simply an extra five minutes to help a colleague search for an important document. Many times, we’d like to see ourselves as completely self-sufficient in our position, and we might have trouble seeking out help. Despite this, often the strongest bonds in the workplace form when you’re able to aid someone who needs it. Furthermore, making a positive impact on others is one of the most important things you can contribute to your work environment, just as in the larger society. If we are all working towards a common collaborative goal, anything that I may bring to the table should and often will be welcome.


The most pleasant and rewarding way to spend a work day is knowing that those around you understand you and have your interests at heart. Establishing healthy and productive interpersonal relationships creates a support group in which everyone works toward the common good. New hires no longer feel like being thrown in the deep end. You no longer feel that you are defenseless and alone in a jungle, but rather, being yourself, giving a bit extra you may find that people react in surprising ways. Communicate your ideas, put aside your fear of rejection, and be open; and we can start to create a change at every level! Our industry changes at an exponential pace. But if we faithfully stick to these basics, we can be sure – the best is yet to come!

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